(grandmother moon)

Moon over trees

altered photograph by Rick Daddario, 19 Planets


grandmother moon
I can’t help wishing for
a gold tooth like hers

(Haiku Bandit Society, June 2011 Moon Viewing Party)


full moon
one plate missing
from the setting

(Haiku Bandit Society, July 2011 Moon Viewing Party)



Hey…do you like writing moon haiku? Like reading moon haiku? (If you say no to either of those questions, you have to turn in your official Haiku Poet Badge, so think carefully before you answer.)

If so, you should really consider joining the party over at Haiku Bandit Society every month. It starts a few days before the full moon. Anyone can contribute a poem about the moon for those few days. Willie posts them all on the blog, and they are a blast to read. Then his dog Dottie picks out the three she likes the best and gives them the Dottie Dot Awards.

This is another one of my favorite things that people do with their blogs. I wish even more people would participate because I love moon haiku so much and there really are an endless variety of twists on them. I bet you’ve got something great up your sleeve. Think about it.

7 thoughts on “(grandmother moon)

    • aloha William – and thank you. you know, sometimes i forget the rabbit is there. that’s true in this case. so the fact that it can be seen pleases me no end. it is a photo – with a lot of alteration – but i do try to keep the integrity of the image intact. so yeah, way cool that you can see the rabbit. thank you. aloha.

  1. outstanding ku Melissa. and congratulations on your Dottie Award. i’ll have to see if i can get my timing down. i’m terrible at missing things that are not right in front of my nose. …well… may be things that Are right in front of my nose too.

    grandmother’s house
    the doilies on the furniture
    half moons

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