13 thoughts on “(birdsong)

  1. Melissa!

    Around a month ago we were traveling through forests and it was very silent except that every now and then a bird would coo .. I tried fiddling with the words for almost a week to recapture the magic of that moment and gave up.

    To come to your place and read this gorgeous haiku has blown my mind into gloam storms and I cannot help but feel gratified!

  2. Yeah. I’ll take this silence – a heavy dose every day.

    Great image to go with it.

    crow summer
    in the black silence
    I scream

    No. Wait.

    crow summer
    in the black silence
    ice cream

    • aloha Aditya – i’m not sure if you meant the crow image here, Aditya. it is a beauty. but to be clear, it isnt mine if that is what you were thinking. i agree – it is a gem. and Melissa’s words are great with it (imo) too. aloha.

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