Can You Believe What She Did?

Girl talking on telephone.

No, you’re not imagining things, Hilda. It does look different. It was time for a change. There was just too much stuff around here. Things were getting so cluttered you could hardly see the poetry. Or the pictures. This will work better, I think.

If you’re looking for all the links to my stuff and other peoples’, they’re still here, up there in the menu bar under “Links” and “Site Archive.” Other bureaucratic stuff is down at the bottom, in case you haven’t gotten that far. Like, for instance, the search bar. (People should use that more, it works really well in WordPress and it’s cool. Type some random word in there to see if I’ve ever written a haiku about it. Go ahead, try it.)

Let me know what you think. I am, as always, open to suggestions, copious praise, and even withering criticism, when tempered with enough homemade cookies. (My snail mail address available on request. For sending the cookies.)

Oh, and the mushrooms? They’re coming tomorrow. Really.

18 thoughts on “Can You Believe What She Did?

    • ps — if you post a post (:D) as a ‘status’ it makes a pretty little barely-there box around it. if you do it as an ‘aside’ it takes away the title and leaves the poem (or whatever) floating by itself all alone in space. (I am quite addicted to playing with wordpress themes, btw. they are so sneaky, e-mailing them to me all the time…)

      • me again. that’s under “format” when you’re writng a post. you can see what it looks like on my feathers blog. I have the nahaiwrimos as ‘status’ and the tanka are ‘aside’. ok… I’m done.


  1. Love the clean look, Melissa. And the image banner is gorgeous too. The only thing I’d suggest, as you do have a lot of white space on either side of your post, is to widen that central section a bit. Or have the links in a side bar and the main post section offset to the right or left.

    I understand completely you wanting to have a makeover – revamping a blog is like cleaning out drawers I’ve been chucking things in for ages, then afterwards I can’t stop opening them up and gazing at the new order!

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