5 thoughts on “(twelve birds)

  1. Thanks, Jon, Angie, Wrick…

    Wrick — any idea how many birds there actually are in that picture? I tried to count but they kept moving. 😉

    And Angie — believe it or not that picture was not even designed as an illustration for this poem, which Rick hadn’t even read…he sent it to me and I was like, Um, I know what I’m doing with this…

  2. ha. yeah. i tried counting too. i think they may be easier to count in the original photo – but then… this is only a part of the original photo. the full photo has considerably more birds.

    i get 11 birds easily in this. then sometimes i think there is a 12th bird and i count again… and sometimes it’s not there. again.

    that 12th bird is the one that keeps moving i think…

    there were several reasons why i cropped like this. the bottom line is i liked this composition (okay and there were a few other considerations too).

    you saw a great match up with your words and imo the match you made is just about as perfect as it gets exactly as it is – with and without that 12th bird just as you’ve written it.

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