7 thoughts on “(perched)

  1. Oh- when I saw this I was so happy! I love redwing blackbirds so much and this poem is beautiful. Thanks! Wonderful photo as well – I have one of the redwing on top of a white pine on a grey cloudy day. He is singing and the wonderful red epaulets are showing as he spreads his wings. Love their call-so unique.
    And the Across the Haikuverse post- words cannot begin to tell you-but I’ll try!-how wonderful it is to find such a place for all of us out here and there-
    lovely poems,pictures,lessons. Will be diving into the archives to read more.
    Hope school goes well-
    Sorry to be so long-winded- maybe it’s the hurricane coming that’s affecting me-ha,ha!
    Thanks for your posts,always-

  2. With the start of school just around the corner in these parts I have always enjoyed the age-old tradition of โ€œwhat did you do during summer vacation,โ€ of which I can add the discovery of the Red Dragonfly. Itโ€™s been a fun summer of reading. (Now, where did I put my chalk?)

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