Red Airplane

He’s not easy to shop for. He never wants anything. Or rather, everything he wants he has. When he does feel a need for some consumer product — some electronic components from Radio Shack, say, or a new mechanical pencil — he takes his own money and bikes to the store and buys it. Even his computer he saved up for on his own: didn’t spend any of his allowance or Christmas or birthday money for five years.

What do you do with a kid like that? I try to imagine what he might want if money were no object. And then wish that it weren’t.

.Red airplane flying over mountains and through clouds

for b.a.o. born 9/6/1994

20 thoughts on “Red Airplane

    • Wow… I don’t think anyone’s ever accused me of having a sense of adventure before! Mostly what I have a love of is sitting at home reading and whining whenever anyone suggests going anywhere or doing anything. But yeah, fortunately the kid takes after his father and they go on adventures together…

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  2. i can particularly relate to this dream. i wasnt sure if i still had this icon i created and used in some places for a long time… i wasnt sure if i had it some place. or not. i do. i’m not sure which link to use tho. so i may try a couple. i hope you dont mind.

    you have a great kid. he has a great mother and father. if we are answering your question… which doesnt really need an answer i know… however.. my reply is ~ just keep doing what you’ve been doing. seems like a very worthwhile way to raise a kid. …

    one of my former icons:

    or may be:

    or may be:


    (if one works you’ve seen it. they all go to the same sky)

    in each dream
    I fly free

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