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  1. aloha Melissa. I liked your ku instantly. I had to think about my reply tho. now I know what it is. …or that is, what I need to do, thank you.

    I’m going to plant these seeds. ! …or at least.. that is my intention. soon. after all… wait. yes. yes, I think these seeds will do well in most every season. …however… this season now may be the best one for them to… or… at least the right one. yeah. cool. planting these seed startings on! aloha.

    • When do you plant seeds in Hawaii? Can you just plant anything you want whenever? Or do you have to take seasons into account? I am completely and utterly ignorant about both gardening and Hawaii. As you can tell.

      • you can plant seeds most any time in Hawaii. …may be during a hurricane isnt such a good idea. yeah. most any time will work, but paying attention to the seasons is likely to work a little better.

        …there is stuff that can be planted best in one season over another for all the seasons. . . .

        what i’ve found for any place i’ve ever been, is that the stuff that grows naturally in that place is the stuff that is most likely to do well there. so i’m learning to pick things for here that is common and grows naturally here.

        there is an extraordinary bug population here which can easily wreck havoc on plants – but not all plants. and the growing here is easy – a little extra water may be needed at times. and a few other help-alongs but not a lot. may be weed control a little extra on that too.

        i’m no expert either. i just like to experiment a lot. and if it grows. cool.

        if you like the warmer climates you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like mixes of cultures east and west and north and south – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like the sea and mountains – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like bugs and insects and fish creatures – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like hurricanes and earthquakes and tsunami and volcanos – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like close living areas and small spaces – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like informal life styles – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like no long distance to travel – altho getting to some places can take a while – and the distance thing is relative …and the mainland is far far away… – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        yeah. hawaii is just like every other place – some good things along with the some yick things.

        in general people either really like it here a lot. or they really do not like it here. a lot.

        if you like wearing flip-flops 90% of the time and taking them off when you enter a house… – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like snow at Christmas time… not so much – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you have a lot of money you can spend – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if hiking and outdoor activities appeal to you – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like indoor events and cultural traditions far and wide and different religious beliefs and people from all over… yeah – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        if you like all kinds of languages being spoken and heard all around you (but mostly english is possible) – you’ll probably like hawaii.

        okay. now you know. but you’ll probably have to experience it to really understand.

        if you like aloha – you’ll probably like hawaii.



        • I honestly can’t tell from your description whether I would like Hawaii or not. 🙂 I would definitely like to visit Hawaii. (I think this desire stems back to reading the Nancy Drew book that is set in Hawaii, whose title I can’t remember now although I probably read it half a dozen times between the ages of six and nine. A ridiculous amount of my cultural and geographical knowledge comes from having read Nancy Drew books.) I think I would probably feel a little claustrophobic there though. I like islands where I can see the mainland and know I can get back there if I want, like, by taking a short boat ride. And not having a fall with crisp air and colored leaves would profoundly disturb me. (The rest of the temperate zone seasons I could cheerfully dispense with.)

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