Lunar Rover

Roses outside a window

The craters on the moon, the valleys, the mountains … everything the moon has is higher and wider and deeper than the things we have and this is because the moon has no air, nothing to get in the way of things falling or rising. If only you could breathe there you could grow, you could be a fine seven-foot specimen with an attenuated spine and a pianist’s fingers and delicately pointed ears. You could ride a racehorse forty hands high across the Planitia Descensus just in time to meet two tiny men in wide white suits, flailing along in terror of a fall. You could catch them up joyfully in your arms and set them behind you on your mount, you could take them back to the city you’ve built, full of spires and minarets and elegant hundred-foot lampposts. You could tenderly remove their awkward suits and tell them to breathe, to just try breathing, it’s not so hard once you get the hang of it …

and as a monument to their failure you could erect the tallest grave marker in the city.

summer dusk
the length of a vine
and its shadow


Contemporary Haibun Online, October 2011


14 thoughts on “Lunar Rover

  1. the most terrifying nightmare is peaceful and calm until we understand slightly less than all.

    elegant haibun.

    one more leaf sprouts in my haibun thinking. the thought of a focused shotgun writing.

    impressive image selection.

    mahalo Melissa – aloha

  2. At first I thought this was the first successful merging of science fiction and a haiku-family form. But it is not. It is wit, and tragedy, and a focused, electric whimsy, as well as a kind of stream of consciousness poem.

    The vine’s shadow
    grows until it topples
    into her story

    • What a wonderful commentary, Kris. I can’t quite make it out what this piece is supposed to be myself, but yes, it did seem to come from some part of my brain that is not really consciously accessible to me most of the time.

  3. Melissa,
    I’ve only just caught up with this one.
    Fantastic, in whatever sense of the word you like.
    Wonderful, wonderful writing.
    It’s given me such an energy jolt this monday morning!

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