the evil thereof




looking for a term-paper topic I stumble across some information about a disease I’m afraid I have. I’m afraid I have a lot of diseases.  I suppose someday it will turn out that I do.

gene mapping tomorrow onto today


4 thoughts on “the evil thereof

  1. Hi, Melissa, When you get to my age, you find that the doctor is always trying to find something…they keep probing till they come up with something…anything! As far as I’m concerned I have all I can deal with with what makes itself evident. If I don’t know that I have something…well that is bliss and I am thankful. I have all I can deal with with my own set of disabilities and misfunctions of my body. Old age is creeping up on me now…I figure that’s about all anyone should be asked to deal with. (Be careful about listening to all those ads on TV and radio….they can convince you of anything!)

    1. Fortunately for me I don’t watch TV or listen to radio. 🙂 And I mostly try to stay away from health-related sites on the Internet, too… but some days my imagination catches up with me.

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