7 thoughts on “(sap rising)

  1. There certainly is the “oh my” for this haiku. It brings to mind the lusty month of may. But I want to take my comment in a different direction. For me there are three intriguing words: imagines, completely, and sap (in that order).

    Imagine is totally in the head of the other person. It is not understands completely, nor is it knows completely, and it is not be-at-one-with. Imagine could be close or not close to reality. Completely sounds to me like a bit of tongue-in-cheek. If he is imagining, how can it be “completely?” I have a sense that the word completely is rarely applied to a haiku poet. Finally, the word “sap” also has the meaning of a foolish man.

    Can you know the person completely – never. Can you know the words of a haiku completely – never. Can you feel smug about what you do know or imagine you know? That is the crime. The sap rises here.

    Melissa, I always enjoy your work. Thanks,


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