(what I thought)

what I / thought of you / when I wasn't / thinking / driftwood


what I
thought of you
when I wasn’t


Acorn 27


12 thoughts on “(what I thought)

    1. I think I would call this one a five-line haiku, Pamela. 🙂 But I’ll see what I can come up with for Moonbathing. Haven’t been writing much tanka lately, I’m afraid.

  1. Melissa, It sounds as if I’m in the same place you are at the moment. So much has to be done, writing goes by the wayside. It is a time of transition and so sometimes we have to leave our fields fallow in order to be able to have higher yields later on.

    waiting for the muse
    long walks to nowhere
    step by step

      1. When you least expect it…when the snow is high in heaps…watch…a little melting…a little trickle of water from the ice…and all of a sudden a crocus blooms! Hang in there…watch the seasons… it comes. 🙂

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