11 thoughts on “Measuring

  1. Orion’s belt
    over the widow’s roof
    clear night

    ~~~sometimes form something amazing in the night sky – Thanks Melissa for a good point of view to gain perspective on the word alone.

    • Wonderful haiku and wonderful comment, Merrill.

      I wrote this in a hurry and wasn’t quite sure what it was about when I was writing it, but it is giving me peace in so many ways right now, partly because of all the wise things other people are saying about it.

  2. nothing like the winter night sky to make us see what we thought was square isn’t quite, and who we thought we are, isn’t

    is loneliness one way we recognize our notions about ourselves, and selves, are insubstantial?

    thanks for sharing
    (and to you, Merrill, good one)

      • Melissa, Sometimes the best haiku are those that come from some place that finds the dots NOT connected…. like the stars in yours. The words then are the door that lead outward…

        • I agree, Merrill… one reason I love writing haiku, and belonging to the haiku community, is that writing this concentrated poetry and sharing it with others is such a good way of finding out all the things that are in my head and heart that I didn’t know about…

  3. aloha Melissa.

    I have a night sky app. I point my iPad toward the sky, …or actually I can point it straight down through the center of the earth. no wait. I can point it… below the horizon at any angle. yeah. that’s right. right through the planet and on my screen I can see every thing we (human beings) think we know in the sky. wait. there is more. and all that stuff is named. or at least all the stuff we (human beings) think we’ve named, is labeled on the screen. shooting stars. planets. meteors. moons. galaxies, stars, constellations, even satellites that are up there in the sky. wow there are a big time LOT of human being made satellites up there in the sky. although most of them seem to like to float and fly and orbit just below the horizon line. hmmmm… made sense when i think about it (communication and instant relay stuff like where every dot in a paragraph is – important stuff like that) even in the day i can see what is up there, I mean out there, on my screen. amazing, yes? so I can now tell you the name of those four stars, or at least what we (human beings) call them if we’ve named them. for clarity of course. and I’ve been trying to think of how to weave a ku around and into all of this… only… here you go and do it already. do you have one of these apps too? sheesh. still what I want an app to do… is tell me all those things we (human beings) don’t know already. and when it tells me, I want to watch what it tells me fade. yeah, fade right away right off the screen, because I’d of course be a human being (probably) and I’d know.

    the star sky
    all those things they knew
    when I didn’t

    • Whoa… so much to think about here… No, I don’t have an app like that. I’ve always been really bad at identifying stars and constellations. I like making up my own constellations. I used to be able to see so many more stars when I lived in the country when I was a kid. It’s a little frustrating now that I live in the city. But usually you can find four or five stars to make something of.

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