15 thoughts on “(first dream)

  1. Happy new year, Melissa. I like your ku. “first X”is often regarded as a kigo in Japanese haiku, but it doesn’t really travel. You’ve been wise to include “of the year.”

    even in Japanese haiku, the kigo really only makes sense in the framework of the lunar calendar, according to which the year began on the threshold of spring. January 2 is just another winter day.

  2. PS: I meant to mention that, a couple of times recently, I’ve been denied access to your blog because I don’t have a password. got through today, obviously.

  3. A remarkable insight in its way, it got me to thinking. Despite being under th rules of the Georgian calendar, I struggled to remember my “first dream” – some edgy, conflicting scenes there, without resolutuon – as though it were up to me to “make my own way’.

  4. Beautifully “ku’ed”- I keep going back to it. And to what I dreamed…already lost before the day began….
    Same as Bill, couldn’t access yesterday’s post and was concerned about you.

  5. Melissa, The first dream I had was New Year’s Eve. I was in the south of France…it was gorgeous. Day after day the weather was sunny and warm and everything was perfection …. and day after day it got to be boring…and I suddenly realized that there was a deep sorrow because there were no challenges. I woke up to my cold leaky trailer… and the absolute joy flooded into me. New Year’s day was filled with the most wonderful challenges that had me in love all day long.
    Happy New Year, dear Melissa. The way to peace, love and joy is not always what we expect. 🙂

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