33 thoughts on “Mayday

  1. you who are a friend and not a friend (all of us here)

    never in all my low-tech sensibilities did I think a blog could change me until it did & does

    with grattitude #onewordpoem

  2. Melissa, we are all extremely glad you started … and persevered through it all…. and opened dialogue for us all… and made us think…. and delighted us … We are all in your debt, for sure.

  3. Others have said it so well, so I’ll just add my thanks for this beautiful place for friends far afield.

  4. very cool congratulations Melissa. and aloha too.

    fine tuned emotions. oh, is this how two year old saltwater taffy is made?? on keyboards, yes?

    a meaningless universe
    without wild flowers

    aloha and days of laughter upon you.

      • yeah. i started on WP April 7, 2010. i’d had other blogs tho. in fact google is about to destroy one i had on blogspot for 3 years. …or at least one of them. that’s how it works. life. letting go is built in.

        your blog has had a big influence on me and my blog. you’ve leaped and bounded much faster than i do. cool on that.

        btw – t’s nice to see you leaving instant ku in your comment.

        way fun.

        …and we have a long way to cruse yet. so fun on too.

        daylight moon
        madness at full blossom
        in the slosh of tides

        aloha on.

  5. Two years only? It feels more like infinity! But we’ve melted barriers in the compass and the sun dial, also words have turned superfluous on thought waves that break into or laze on shores. Do you know that the prized rabbits from you still fascinate readers on my blog? A mushroom panel for you awaits its time, too. There’s more of you than of me in who I think I am today, and that’s in two years only?

    tattoos on shore
    before the tide
    how could infinity
    be unreal?

    Congratulations! Two years only?

    Maraming salamat mahal kong kaibigan! Dakkel unay a panagyaman ingingutek a gayyem (Filipino & Iluko translation: Huge thanks dearest friend)

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