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“Editing Haibun and Tanka Prose: A Haibun Today Colloquium”

18 editors of haibun, including me, share their thoughts on editing haibun in the most recent issue of Haibun Today.


THF Haiku App

There’s an app for me now. Well, okay, for me and a whole bunch of other poets. A couple of months ago The Haiku Foundation released an updated version of THF Haiku at the App Store. (I reviewed the first version a while back.) There’s a whole new selection of several hundred haiku and one of them is mine. No, I’m not going to tell you which one. You’ll have to go get the app to find out. (It’s free.) Because I’m diabolical like that.


Sari Grandstaff’s Haiku Library (on Pinterest)

As some of you may know, I am attending library school and some day I even plan to finish. Three of my classmates there started an amazing project last year called the “Library as Incubator Project,” which aims to document and encourage artists who use libraries to inspire and assist them in their work. (That’s my summary of what they do. I hope they’d agree with me.)

Anyway, back in April, which was National Poetry Month, they asked Sari Grandstaff, who is a haiku poet and school librarian, to put together a Pinterest board about haiku. And she did. There’s a link to this blog on it, for which I feel very honored and slightly freaked out. My worlds collide.


“A meditation on namelessness” and “summer vacation”

On his blog “haiku and commentary and tales,” Jim “Sully” Sullivan writes commentary about various haiku that interest him. More of us should probably do this. A while back (I’m slow, people) Sully wrote about a one-line haiku that I posted on Monostich. Then more recently he wrote about a haiku I published in Kokako and also posted here. He is way more philosophical than me but almost everyone is. I enjoyed reading his commentary.


5 thoughts on “Random…

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Melissa. I am a fan and a student and I keep plugging along. And one more thing, you caused an all time high number of hits on my blog. You move mountains.


  2. Melissa, I’ve been avoiding Pinterest like the plague… but I just could not resist picking up Sari’s post. It’s wonderful. Still Pinterest is so full of so many things in such abundance I’m really afraid of overload now!
    I’m also glad for the connection with Jim’s haiku blog. I love intelligent conversation.
    I have yet to investigate the apps…. I have a traditional land line and no iPads etc. Just a little old computer.

    It’s great coming to your blog. Only problem is I wish I could go deeper into so many things…. you are the biggest tease around! 🙂

    • I just got involved with Pinterest myself, Merrill…it is an amazing time sink. I’m trying to limit myself.

      I would love to see what art you would create with an iPad–I’m amazed to see what people are doing with some of the drawing apps on that thing.

      • The only drawing I really enjoy doing is with a little bottle of india ink and a steel nib pen. I have a photo of a swan preening in a pond… and when I look at it – it appears like a flower opening. I see a drawing that isn’t in the photo… and if I can just get some quiet time I’d love to just draw it out to see if I could unfurl all those feathers. It will probably sit on my drawing table for weeks, maybe months …and then one day I’ll find the time to do it. In the mean time, in the back of my mind, it’s a puzzle I’m working on.

        I’m not a great tech person. To me it’s much easier to just pick up a pencil or a pen. If I were younger with all kinds of time I’d be able to play with it to see what comes of the play. It appears I’m of a past generation…. Bit it’s a way of seeing that means so much to me as I see through what my hands let flow through the ink.

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