last words: four myths


Contrary to rumor, there are many boxes that I haven’t opened. It’s no harder for me to resist temptation than for anyone else. And honestly, I’m still not sure I’m sorry.

leaf skeleton key to an unlocked door


I never expected to look back until I did. My fingers fumbled on the strings; I was suddenly afraid that she had fumbled too. Those last few sour notes still ring in my ears.

long winter evening a song in every shattering


Yesterday we flew pretty close to the sun, but today we’ll fly even closer. The wax is hardening in the molds. We pace restlessly, raising and lowering our arms like fledglings who know they have wings for a reason.

in a sky full of clouds only one cloud white enough


He measures out six seeds for me, six small poison pills, six ways to forget my life, six small deaths for me to die.

…and the last hum of the cicada the same as the first


6 thoughts on “last words: four myths

      • I’ve been saying that to myself about some great ideas for a long time. When I stopped going to bed at 3 a.m. I found it hard to find time for most anything interesting. Although I must say my dreams are better 🙂

          • They are finding that if you don’t get at least 6-7 hours every night…you increase your chances of stroke… so see what you can do to slowly work it into your schedule. Good friends are hard to find. Think of it as doing it for the world… we need people like you. <3<3<3 (I know that ❤ won't make a heart… but I figure you know what I mean.)

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