(first date)


first date—
he tells me there’s an app
for the moon


bottle rockets 27



I’m interested in people’s speculations about what, exactly, this moon app does. Someone asked me and I had to admit I had no idea. For one thing, I just made the whole thing up. (There was no first date either, sadly.) It just seemed to me that there’s an app for everything else, so there had to be one for the moon. Suggestions for a sequel welcome.


14 thoughts on “(first date)

  1. I imagine the couple on their first date, in the moonlight, and his nervous attempts at conversation. In my imagination, the app only shows an image of what the moon looks like at any given time.

  2. I’ve seen a link on Tom Clausen’s Facebook page sometimes that links to the phases of the moon.

    phased in and out new light

  3. aloha Melissa. yes. there is an app for the moon. in fact several.

    one will locate the moon for you. above or below the horizon of the universe or maybe thats the planet horizon – or both, along with just about every other thing you might want to imagine in the sky. maybe even whales, as well as satellites and space ships and shuttles and telescopes and missions and lots and lots of moons and planets and stars and maybe a few doors and windows too. from any place you can find to stand. or sit. or climb a tree. along with locating up and down for you when ever you want to know.. and it even warns you of werewolf sightings or alarms. or at least it sounds like it does.

    another tells and shows what the moon looks like from where ever you are on the planet. when it rises, and sets and brushes it’s teeth and showers and things like that. and the names of the moon phase each day and night so you can greet it accordingly. and what it’s called each month in several different cultures from ancient to neo. calendar month, native American (northeast), colonial American, Celtic, English, Wiccan Medieval and Wiccan Neo Pagan and may be on one of my 19 other planets too. along with, azimuth, altitude, equinox, Julian day, lunation, moon age, right ascension, declination, maybe left and center ascension too, as well as transit. incase you and a date want to get to a treehouse, the better to spot the moon monkey with tea of course. or maybe the moon rabbit with cheese and carrot cake.

    so, yeah, there’s an app for the moon. I think the moon naps on one of them. something about being tired of pushing the oceans around for us just to stir up the muck that makes the best tea and dark ooze seaweed juice.

    moon app
    from within my cave
    I watch the night

    it’s just nice to step out side of the cave once in a while (avoiding dire wolves of course and saber tooth tigers as well) and look up into the night wonder. maybe even howl. and then sip on peppermint tea and toast the sunrise with a glance at a solar app. or two.

    • Should have known that you’d be informed about all these things, Rick. There’s about a million poems in what you just wrote up there, in case you’re looking around for any you’d lost.

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