4 thoughts on “(starlight)

  1. Starlight reaching our planet, and onward into our spirits, permeating endless dimensions. I like the star/far ‘internal rhyme’ too – good alliteration for the flow. I really like it, and might post one myself. What style is this, any style in particular, or just Contemporary? God bless.

  2. Melissa, when I saw this in Frogpond I fell in love with it and had been wanting to write you and ask if I could make a haiga out of it…problem is things got so crazy busy here I never got a chance to write… but if I get a chance to do a few haiga I’d really love to include this one. I can’t do it now…(weep, weep, weep!) But later… I’m hoping.

  3. “…and thus technically speaking starlight radiates with radii and sentient creatures experience a radial encounter as javelins of light composed of photon streaming depending on their 3D locus in space/time relative to emission source which may be under their relative linear perspective or…”

    I like you haibun as well, Melissa http://is.gd/ofAvov

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