5 thoughts on “(deep winter)

  1. Melissa…. your haiku … in three lines you have put my whole “Winter’s Tale” … I saw those long haired foxes on Carol MacRury’s FB photos and the very instict of survival… in the harsh climate they were existing in… well that fox image stayed in my head and nagged till I created eight haiga … each a new chapter in winter… but the fox was the center. When I got finished with it and in the discussions with Carol it dawned on me it sounded so much like Blake’s “Tigre, tigre burning bright…” poem. In the midst of all the fierceness of winter… of the harsh brutality that kills… there is this fire that burns in all life…. It is winter teaching the fox for sure. For anyone who hasn’t seen part of my Winter’s Tale, check out Modern Haiku…

    Wonderful haiku…. many thanks. Good thing you put this up AFTER I created that haiga series or I never would have done it.. I would have felt it was all said right here in your haiku!

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