Patient Safety

The topic is Patient Safety. If you think that something isn’t safe, you should alert someone. It should be one of the following people, because they are the ones who decide whether or not things are safe. Don’t admit to anyone that something isn’t safe unless one of these people confirm it isn’t safe. If they don’t seem to be listening to you, tell them louder. Accost them in the hallway. Stand in the doorway of their office prophesying doom. Even if we get virtually everything right, we will probably still get something wrong, and someone will die. This person will probably not be you. But what if it is?


in a room
with a dragon
a red dress



4 thoughts on “Patient Safety

  1. Dear Melissa, This piece brings back my caregiving years with my mother. I was always picking things up off the floor, afraid she would bend down from her walker, and try, and fall. She’s been gone since 2004 and I still do this in stores. But that leads into explaining to the young people what I’m doing and why–so maybe that’s good.

    My mother and father lived in Madison for a time after World War II. I still have family there…

    Best wishes, Ellen

  2. Melissa, I’m a bit tired of people protecting me from myself… What if I want to have that red dress … I know at my age I should act my age, but really it won’t give birth to dragons!!!! or will it?????? πŸ™‚

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