I realized this evening at about the time I would normally leave work that I actually had about four more hours of work to do. So, naturally, I left my office in my bare feet and wandered outside in the rain. The landscaping at the place where I work is not normal office-park landscaping. It’s more like botanical-garden landscaping. The grass is about four inches thick. There are flowering bushes and stone paths and bridges over flowing water and hidden corners you can turn to find yourself. I padded around in the growing darkness, trying to pay attention to reality. Then I went back to my office building and realized that the doors must have automatically locked at the close of the working day and I hadn’t brought my key card outside with me. The only thing that saved me was the group of people that had stayed on after work to sing together. I was sorry to interrupt them. But they were too happy to mind.


a face at the window about to be unlocked


still looking at the hill as it rises it rises again


a question of dinosaurs whether reality is enough




3 thoughts on “Enough

  1. I drop
    from one reality
    to another

    along the bend
    of this curve
    another curve

    what is hidden
    is really
    what is there

    Melissa, are you kidding??? Reality is infinite in it’s complexities and illusions… Welcome to my world!

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