REM Sleep


It’s two a.m., but the nightmare’s not counting. It has no logic but it’s happy to point out the flaws in mine. The mistaken inferences I draw every time anyone else speaks. The sour smell of gullibility that clings to me like mother’s milk. The stains of the berries that are native to the fool’s paradise I live in. No reason to doubt any of it, why would my subconscious lie? It knows every thought that’s passed through my mind since the first neurotransmitters leapt the first synapses, and it’s not impressed. It’s tapping my shoulder, clearing its throat, trying to get my attention politely, but none of that’s working. Like most terrorists, it only acts out of desperation.

blank slate
every night
I erase the moon


Haibun Today  6.3, September 2012



3 thoughts on “REM Sleep

  1. I taught myself not to dream (or at least not to remember my dreams) years ago while going through some traumatic experiences. My dreams obliged. But I have to tell you, when something important comes along, they let me know loud and clear.

    on the other side
    of the dream the sound
    reality dances

      • Believe me, if I remember a dream, I listen! A couple of them really saved me from some tragic errors I was about to commit by just going along with the crowd. My subconscious gets very antsy when I start going along with the crowd. Let’s have a party in our next series of dreams!

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