how careless of me
to lose it, November rain


first of November, pushing up the sky with the ribs of my umbrella


the way it enters
without knocking—
November sky





4 thoughts on “(careless)

  1. mary ahearn says:

    Enjoyed these very much – especially the last one. There is something about November – that month “when yellow leaves or none or few do hang upon those boughs…”.

  2. Peter Newton says:

    Dear Melissa,

    You remind me how we are all connected — those ribs of the umbrella pushing against the sky — a good poet always helps me to be more human — thanks Mel. Hope you’re doing okay these last few leftover days of November. As always, a wonder of words as only you can string them.


    • More human. Yes, that’s a good goal. I’m working on that. Some days I despair. Especially in November. But thankfully it’s over now…

      Hope Mass. is treating you well, Peter.

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