8 thoughts on “123/2

      • Hi Melissa,

        First, I was unfamiliar with shot silk as a fabric, so your use of the term was esoteric to me. And the idea of ironing wrinkles INTO something is antithetical to my concept of ironing, so much more so when done to a fabric which is, in general, created to shimmer when draped. That is what made it uncommon to me.

        I enjoyed its revelation as a punch line because, (at least according to my reading of it) ironing well is forsaken and relegated to an activity of lesser importance in the author’s “appreciation for an abbreviated life”. What I got out of it was the moment captures the essence of the author being in a hurry so even though the wrinkles were probably ironed into the shot silk by mistake she doesn’t feel that was such a big deal.

  1. Melissa, I am so grateful for the faithfulness of red dragonfly! Although I rarely comment or write haiku myself anymore, I still read your work that comes to my inbox with great appreciation and delight. Just wanted you to know that if I ever get through this “dry” writing time, your blog is what will revive me. Thanks so much.

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