7 thoughts on “desktop

  1. aloha Melissa. brilliant. I’ve used both the real stickums and the digital stickums on my computer yet have never done this – even tho I have taken screen shots of the digital stickums. why didn’t I think of this?? way cool. way way. aloha.

    • Thanks, Wrick. Those stickies are remarkably useful for jotting poems on when they happen to strike you in the middle of the work day…probably not a use envisioned by their creator. 😉

      • yeah. i used them to keep track of mail art projects for a long time. along with other things. i really like some of the stickum poems tho.

        Angie is doing a work on (3×5??) cards and clipping it to something then photographing it. i like that idea a lot too. i’ve been photographing bits of paper on the ground with the idea of writing work on the paper within photoshop or something similar.

        okay, and some other ideas as well.

        fun on your stickies.


        oh. p.s. just so you know i finally did a book of haiga – self-published print-on-demand of course. but it was fun and i learned. and now i want to do it again. and maybe again and again until some publisher wants to help out. ha. and. laugh on. aloha.

  2. mine looks like that, too.
    only my mountain isn’t a mountain, and I like your poems better.

    (and ps rick — because I just read your comment 😀 — it’s a little notebook and I’m scanning it on my new printer. scan fun….)

    • I love that project of yours, Angie! I love seeing people’s handwriting. I was thinking recently how sad it was that I would never recognize most of my friends’ handwriting now because I’ve never seen it. You used to know everyone’s handwriting, as distinctive as their face.

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