January if I ever rise from the dead


Dribbling from my mouth into the standpipe this sentence all I eviscerate.



The god that disappeared between massacres one of the four names he was known by in the south.



On the bulletproof vest ancient ideograms for target practice.



Rolling away the exsanguinated bodies a child carries a doll with an extra limb.



Next to the Victrola a wasps’ nest for sale sitting inside it I plan my own assassination.



Cutting spare keys for a blown-glass dungeon.



In the eye of a hurricane kick-the-can and a slip knot.



Drip-drying a body cast in the middle of a plaster war.



Black velvet never thought she was good enough to be amputated.



If no one deboned it shoving torture to the other end of the sofa.


11 thoughts on “January if I ever rise from the dead

  1. How heavy and dark these are, all very much the black velvet mentioned in 9. Though tagged with war, they easily shift to personal war, don’t they. Of course, I force that all to often on the things I read. I like 2 best, reminding me of my Old Testament studies on the multiple names (faces) of God.

      • If you ever think of good word for describing liking/enjoying dark/somber/serious (etc.) writing, let me know. I really did enjoy reading them. One just doesn’t enjoy having the emotions rooted in such writing. I haven’t written much in some time because I’m so tired of reading my own whining, depressing writing. Perhaps revisiting haiku at its roots would serve to pull me away from my current egocentric writing track. Hope your moods and life are lighter.

  2. 5, 6 and 7 are my favorites if I can ‘take those’ from the whole piece. Reading those 3 together’as one’ is phenomenal. Don’t know you are taking but I want some!

  3. I am a big avid reader of the new work you have been posting this year. Heres one made out of yr own haiku..

    black velvet not every ones good enough to be assassinated

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