still here

I went to a gathering of some of my favorite haiku poets in the world last week and one of them told me that she was worried about me because I hadn’t been posting on my blog. Oh, please don’t worry. I’m not sick or in trouble or anything, just kind of tired. And lazy. Okay, fine, mostly lazy.

Some fun projects that I was working on before I got tired and lazy have recently come to fruition, though. In no particular order….

I wrote a review of David Marshall’s wonderful book The Lost Language of Wasps for Haibun Today.

One of my haiku was shortlisted for the Touchstone Awards for Individual Poetry.

Several of my haiku and one haibun appear in the latest Red Moon Anthology, nothing in the window.

I have a couple haiku in Kamesan’s World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation

There are some other fun publications coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Also, I’m basically spending the summer going from one haiku event to another, including a haiku retreat in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, in June, Haiku North America in Los Angeles in August, and the quarterly meeting of the Haiku Society of America in Evanston, Illinois, in September. So if you’d like to hang out with me, or conversely you are trying to avoid me at all costs, now you know how.

It’s National Poetry Month, in case you somehow managed to avoid hearing about that. I’m thinking about celebrating by writing some poetry. Let me know what you think.

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