three years



I kind of missed my blogiversary, which was on May Day. Three years. I’ve always been glad I started on May Day. For one thing it’s an easy date to remember, for another I love those cute little baskets of flowers people used to hang on doors when I was a little girl in like 1892 or whenever it was, for another “Workers of the World Unite” has always been one of my favorite phrases. (I can say it in Russian too. It’s even better that way.) 

Anyway. Starting in June, things are going to be a little bit different around here. Better or worse, I can’t say. I’ll let you decide. You’re probably more decisive than I am anyhow.


may day the honey dripping from it


may day another name for it


may day haven’t counted the nests in it


may day the light interferes with it


may day the marauder makes off with it



d   a  y  


I cross my fingers for it

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