Of course when you wake up on the first day of February it will be snowing. Of course it will be strangely quiet, both outside and inside your mind. Of course you will make a list of things to do and do none of them, because the dark and the cold create a short circuit you’ve never figured out how to fix. Of course you will realize, toward sunset, that you are still yourself and not the person you want to be. Of course this is not even a story, and not even a poem, and not even a comforting letter to a friend.


all day snow
the on/off switch
repels my advances


13 thoughts on “(fresh)

  1. aloha Melissa. your prose (and haiku—haibun) is as beautiful as the first snow fall. and as delightful as that would be in hawaii for a day or three. okay, it’s been chilly here. not Your kind of chilly. but chilly for here. with no heat in the house. that means it’s as chilly inside as outside. you are still the most beautiful you i have always seen. no matter what that day was like. or is like tomorrow.

    broken switch
    I step outside to catch
    the light

    aloha. daddario.

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