Very short haibun


In the bare branches of the lilac, clusters of oak leaves are lodged like lost mittens.

a snowy morning arranging for its own meaning



In other news:

A ton of people have sent me polar vortex poems so far, which is great because it’s still so cold here that poetry is basically the only thing keeping me sane. You can send me any you’ve got till tomorrow morning. I’ll post them over the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Very short haibun

  1. wait. you do realize that “tomorrow morning” never comes, yes? i mean. when you’d think it would come it would be “this morning” and tomorrow morning will still be coming tomorrow. . . .

    polar vortex
    another CNN report
    on distant spring

    no worries. spring will happen. watch for yellow forsythia.

    stay bundled. in layers. till then. okay, okay. and fire breathe.

      • Spring Cuttings

        I do not remember many winters with as many cold days and nights here as this winter. I was surprised the temperature was 68 degrees when I woke last night. when I lived in upstate NY, forsythia on a bank, the edge of the property facing south, always seemed to open early in Spring. I liked that yellow moment. now I’m going outside. to pay attention to long Buddha Belly bamboo. cutting it. the bamboo is in the ground. not potted. so it does not have the characteristic belly of constrained root systems typical of the name. I want to use the bamboo. that is why I’ve let it grow so long. however I am not ready with the materials I would need to follow up on my thoughts—even though I have plenty of ideas in the back of my skull. so it is likely I will just cut it back, as it has grown far across the walk now. maybe cutting some in ways I can use just that way it will be cut. still. I plan to cut bamboo in a few minutes. because. Hawai’i.

        bamboo Spring
        the leaves brush my face
        in the rain

        April 6, 2014

        thank you for the opportunity. fun grillin’ on you. aloha.

          • your comments are always a win any time red dragonfly. so I count this as a win win.

            p.s. I could send you some dry bamboo if you’d like. then you could have bamboo in Wisconsin year round. . . .

            wait. would that be a win again? a win win win? aloha.

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