raindrops getting bigger

Today, I turned around , but where you are ? I run , I call sign , but I forgot, you are angels can fly !Raindrops getting bigger and shoved deep breath , the clear , cool .

15 years, what has changed, then buy tea girl does not know what to do , maybe , she became a boss , maybe she was in other places sell tea , she should also be changed, not to mention all sour tea Huangshan of it .

You will regret not taking the time to cherish ; You will regret the day did not get along with more Kanji Yan , say a few words , and more talk about the heart ; You will regret not buying delicious Huijia ; You will regret not call ; you will regret actually missed a month last birthday ; you will regret that he had had a heart ignorant anger abuse ; you will regret the last time to go over his face go so fast ; you will regret when they have been absent Farewell side ; forget the last one you will regret at what time .

It’s not me, it’s spam.

4 thoughts on “raindrops getting bigger

  1. The more I read this the more I love it. There is something very important about language to be learned from reading it but I haven’t really figured out what it is, other than to be more fearless and (maybe) to think less.

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