May 1, 2014

It’s May Day again, which means, among other things, that it’s my blogiversary. Four years I’ve been going on interminably now. Do you want some statistics? Yeah, well, too bad, because I love statistics. (I have hidden depths.)


Number of posts: As of this one, 888

Number of page views, total: As of right now, 147,847

Number of countries represented in page views: 143

[Number of those countries I suspect are attributable entirely to spam viewing: At least half]

Most views from a non-English-speaking country: Japan

Okay, duh, but where next?: Philippines

Total non-spam comments: 4,872 

Most viewed post: Dragonfly Dreams (3,125 views)

Is the next-closest post even close?: No

Most common Internet search leading to the blog that does not contain any of the words “red,” “dragonfly,” “haiku,” “melissa,” or “allen”: “Stars”

Most interesting recent search leading to the blog: “Walpurgisnacht purification”

Longest I ever managed to keep up a blog before this one: Three days

How glad I am that I tripped over haiku and fell flat on my face and never managed to get up: Really, really glad.

Next order of business: I feel like giving away some stuff, because I have too much stuff and I don’t give enough of it away, plus I kind of like you all and the way you keep hanging around and reading what I write year after year.

So here’s the plan. Leave me a comment or drop me an email with a link to one of my haiku that you like (or hate, I don’t care), and I’ll send you a postcard (or something, she said mysteriously) with that haiku written on it.* (Or just tell me to choose one. I have my ways.) ADDENDUM (5/4): Please make sure to tell me your snail mail address if you’re going to request a postcard–you can click on the email link above and send it to me privately. My lack of psychic ability thanks you in advance.

I know, this sounds almost unbearably exciting, doesn’t it? A postcard. Do people even have mailboxes any more, I mean of the corporeal variety? I guess I’ll find out.

Oh, I guess there should be a deadline or people will still be demanding postcards four years from now. Make your demand by May 15, how about that. I’ll try to get them all out pretty fast but I guess it depends on how many demands I get. 

Happy May Day. See you next year, same time, same place.

*If you have a particular haiku in mind but you’re wondering how to find it on the blog, there’s a little magnifying glass in the top right of the page and if you click it a search box will magically appear to serve you.


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