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  1. aloha Red Dragonfly. this definitely counts as arting. it may even count as drawing. because the way I see it there is a line (lines) running. winding. meandering. tumbling. down through your work consisting of exquisitely chosen words. which would count as line quality. an excellent element in all good drawings. now that I think about it you’ve created a desire in me to draw as well. and play. (something good drawing often creates in me.) maybe even outside of the box. just because that is always so much fun too. thanks. aloha. r.

    • Ah…yes, never said I had no artistic eye, just that I can’t wield any kind of drawing instrument in such a way as to make that remotely evident to anyone. 😉 This is why I’m so grateful for scissors…

      • yeah. scissors are an excellent drawing/painting tool. ask, Matisse. when he could no longer hold a paintbrush in his fingers he used scissors. if you want to see, google “matisse scissors work”. he used paper and cloth both.

          • bwahahaha I rarely have a favorite. because it always depends on what is around the thing. to answer that kind of inquiry I’ve gone to initiating my reply with, “among my favored. . . .” and begin a list from there. which of course “may be” favored depending on that qualifier of “what is around it”.

            yeah I like his cut outs. most all of them. I learned this on stepping into his chapel one morning. the light against his work stunned me. that’s one of my favored moments. it began an understanding that “painting” even tho it’s primarily about color, is way beyond each element, paint, brush, canvas, paper etc. and can actually do without any one or all of these things. a beauty I appreciate more and more. paint on. I like what you are doing no matter what it’s named, called or noted by. aloha. and fun on you. r.

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