14 thoughts on “(to be a problem)

  1. This resonates with me, as we tend to say. I especially like “the face without/the window.” At least a couple of interesting ways to read ‘without’. The blank polaroid also begs a pondering or two.

    • Ah, thanks, Bob! I was a little confused about the blank Polaroid until I realized that that’s exactly what my paint chip does look like. 🙂 Now I feel kind of sorry it’s not actually a blank Polaroid…

  2. aloha Red Dragonfly. for a long time i’ve found the names of the “colors” that go with paint chips, color swatches and other “fashion” colors to be close to meaningless and useless other than as a marker. your use here in this way brings new life to those chips AND color names—which i like a lot. inspiring work, Melissa. exciting too. aloha. rick.

      • ha. yeah. that works. or you could type out (on a real typewriter—if you have one. or print it out in the font of your choice—an entire sheet of names even—and then stress the paper etc.) the name you want and cross off their names and glue (oops, not glue, just lay that typed name down) your new name for that color. like. . . . Backyard Sanctuary Blue. or. . . . Over the Rainbow Golden. . . or. . . . Midnight Yick Gray with Touches of Fluster Breeze Purple. . . .

        unless of course you are looking for a reason to cruise the hardware store. i like doing that too.

        • oh. i forgot one of my favored processes. font of my choice. words, phrases etc. sized in various sizes. fit everything i want on a 6 x 4 file. then print that as a photograph (lots of commercial photograph places have good digital printers and some are even archival listed for like. . . . 250 years which is long enough for me for the cost. . . . of about 10¢ per 4 x 6 photograph—as a reprint) i can then cut up as i please. i do that with mixed media and collage stuff. way fun.

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