9 thoughts on “(the blank page)

  1. aloha red dragonfly. beautifully wow. your words + visuals become potent in leapfrogging layers. I like that.

    are these laid out in possible arrangements and not yet attached to the background?
    are they laid out and not attached because you are intending them as transient works with the digital record as the only permanent record/remainder of the work?
    are they actually already attached and I’m miss-seeing them?
    something other?

    I’m just curious. always.

    rich, probing, works. as well as inspirational. aloha. r.

    • They’re not attached because I have a fear of commitment. Or maybe because I feel like life is too short to spend it gluing things to paper. Or maybe because I don’t know which kind of glue, of all the many kinds, would be the best for gluing these particular things to this particular paper. Maybe all those things. Maybe I’ll glue them some day. Hmmm. I could just say your second thing about the digital record and so on and then everyone would think I’d had this profound intellectual theory instead of just being too lazy to get the glue out…

      • yes, i can understand that unattaching fear of commitment. there are “tacking” glues that allow you to place and remove things. just for ease and compositioning purposes. then you can glue later.

        yes, again. if gluing is not fun. no need to glue. that’s as good a reason as any as far as i’m concerned.

        if you want permanent glue you can find an all purpose glue that will fit that bill and work on most surfaces. or specific surfaces if that is your preference. because i paint and i’m interested in archival (visual and fine art artists are like that unless they are making statements about impermanence too. we have egos that say something like “i want this to be around even after i’m gone” or. “i want a museum to want this and they prefer things that will last beyond my life time.” things like that). so because i paint with acrylics i often use some of those mediums. like gloss medium (altho this will leave a shine and it depends on what you want in that regard—there are other things tho). for collage and mixed media work.

        (yeah, i know you didnt ask and this is way more than you may be interested in. i cant help it tho. it’s what i like to do and talk about and. . . . so there it is).

        yeah. the digital thing works for me too. and now you’ve had a chance to think about it so it’s all yours, you profound intellectual theorist you.

        lazy? bwahahahahahaha. yeah, right. why, cutting all those little pieces of paper out and arranging them. thinking them out. sequencing, placing, hunting. and then bits of fabric. and the color chips you gather. . . . right. lazy. that fits my definition of my kind of lazy. i want to be like that.

        glue on. or off. way cool. aloha. r.

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