6 thoughts on “(across a peaked roof)

  1. aloha Red Dragonfly. yes, you have an excellent eye. and your word exploration is exceptional (imo). this simply looks like so much fun. i’m not sure i can keep up with you tho. the look of easy is often a hallmark of very good work. even when it’s not easy.

    i have a who-dunnit/adventure book. i got it as a crumpled used book. it’s reasonably recent. but it’s had a hard life with spine problems. and a page has fallen out. and others are nearly out. i’m thinking: Resource. it’s a goner as far as reading it goes. you have a great stock of cloth. and your process and end work from work to work holds together as a body beautifully. these are all things i think about from my visual arts/fine arts background. which is where the questions about intent, permanence and working process came from.

    so. i may yet launch what is in my mind. undoubtably it will show your influence. however. you often influence what i do with words. so this does not surprise me. it delights me. inspiration is inspiration from where ever it comes. thank you.

    of course i will have to modify and deferred to some things in appeasement to my muse. and right now it’s all gathering in my skull.

    Very Cool on What You Are Doing. is it as fun/satisfying as it looks? aloha. r.

    • I’m a little obsessive about it. It never looks as good as I want it to but there is a strange sense of finality and rightness about the poetry, like the poems were just sitting around waiting to be discovered. Not that they’re great, necessarily, just that they’re complete. So that’s cool. I need to work harder on the art part. I’m not used to that part.

      • you have the heart and spirit of an artist. in words or visuals.

        you moving into the visual is a little like me approaching words. we are approaching our work from opposite ends. your base is words. mine is visual. this does not matter of course. imo, simply find your own way. that will be beautifully you. which is exactly what we both are doing. fun. aloha

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