13 thoughts on “(puzzle)

  1. aloha Red Dragonfly. I like the shifting sand element of these. the feeling that at any moment a breeze might come along and rearrange them into new forms and patterns. very cool.

    I like that about digital work too. I recently played in a collaborative exploration with the Public Blogger. in which I used previous work in combination with new elements to form new work that altered the old work (imo). your work brings this shifting sense much more to the front. I like that. aloha.

      • when i sigh. . . . i just incorporate it into the work and let it go at that. i might think about gluing something in place 20 times or more tho. until i’d worked on half a dozen. then i’d just let fly what flies and sink what sinks. and skate between everything else. it’s fun that way. aloha.

  2. Hi Melissa. This is a beautiful stunning piece. The poem exquisite. The mixed media subtle and powerful. Nicely done.

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  4. I absolutely LOVE your writing. You are so creative, sometimes I don’t understand in one go, but I guess poetry must be felt not understood. Can’t get enough of your poems!

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