12 thoughts on “(things)

  1. ah. aloha. red dragonfly.

    matchbox art. poetic matchbox art. matchbox shrines. superb postal art forms. often swapped/traded in one on ones (1/1, 1 for 1) as well as in group swaps (2/2, 3/3 etc.). I may have a few. or only one or two. yours qualifies as a gem—that’s a personal opinion. I’d swap one on one for it anytime.

    beautifully displayed and photographed.
    brilliantly played. massed. and delivered.

    now I want to play in this form again too.
    you have that effect you know.

    have you gotten on to postcards yet? did I miss them?
    I encourage you to make them/theses when possible in doubles, triples or more. enabling you to always keep one (or more) while swapping/trading others, thus accruing. a collection. in which your own. gain context. shine. and validation. with the patina. of numbers.

    sparks. ignition. lift off. has transitioned. beyond. into. this finite. moment. infinite.

    fun. devistating. bow-ed and wow-ed. as ever. and r.

    • ah, thanks, Rick! I’m so glad you liked this, I kind of love it myself but I don’t think the blog does it any favors…the thing about creating things for presentation on a blog is that you end up doing things that you know will look good on a blog. 😦

  2. yes it’s true, we learn what will look good in the context of where and how and why it will be displayed. that’s okay as I see it. however our blog can also become simply documentation for what we do for elsewhere works. and altho it may not have the place, of work intended for our blog, it can still hold the place of documentation and the viewer simply has to take that into their awareness as they view the blog.

    I found it difficult to take photos of the weathergrams in place (early January) so I took a lot of photos at different times hoping to get something reasonable. eventually I realized I had to treat it as documentation rather than presentation designed for the blog. that helped me accept placing it on my blog.

    imo, go for creativity the way you want to do it. if it’s not designed for the blog then treat images as documentation. which (imo) is a valid post for a blog.

    because as you know, our art, our poetry, our words, belong in the world. not just on our blog. even when we are creating specifically for our blog. . . .

    write on. be well walk in beauty. aloha. r

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