As the inventor of the time machine I must let you in on a little secret, which is that time travel isn’t really possible. It’s a placebo effect. If you think you’re traveling in time, you are. I’ve seen people convinced that they had returned to the days of their youth, met up again with their lost loves. Wishful thinking. Hallucination. Daydream. Nightmare. I don’t explain it, I just observe it. Put them in the box, take them out, watch them wander around in a daze completely baffled by their familiar surroundings because they think it’s fifty years ago, or ten years from now. Some of them aren’t right even when they come back. You’re playing with fire. We test them now before we “send” them but we don’t even know what we’re testing for so our success is limited. Why do we even bother? Well. After all that…you can’t tell them now that it doesn’t work. We tried, once, actually, but no one believed us. Oh, you don’t either? I can’t say I’m surprised. Yes, go ahead, get in. Turn the dial to the time you’d most like to visit. I’ll just be waiting out here to retrieve you in a few hours. Of course, of course, it’s completely safe, my dear. Say hello to your grandmother. Tell her I’ll be back someday, probably. You never know. I never do, anyway.

six feet deep a theory of everything

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