The Tools

blue moon / I isolate the remaining variable


I’m great at mental arithmetic which they say is a strange thing for a writer to be but to me it’s all the same thing. Words and numbers: underneath them both there’s an invisible foundation of pictures.

blue moon I isolate the remaining variable

10 years without fire
1,000,000 tragedies
no less

full two hours
the compass in view
the sky lost

over 50 percent of these mountains
you carry face upward

in the morning one live deer
such injuries are called wounds

two voices,
this imagined world.

2 thoughts on “The Tools

  1. aloha Red Dragonfly. this is so fun when you do this. fun and inspirational both. your Ku continue to wow me away into the trenches of smithereens. wow. calculating: recalculating: yes, wow.

    in a recent comment you mentioned interest in seeing my response to some of your clipped-from-text haiku. one I posted last September (altho mixed digital media with scanned clippings) is here:

    and. my box of clippings sits near where I sit at times along with that broken book. doesn’t it just set a drilling bug rocking into ya when you buy a good book for a great price at a used book place and then find that secretly there are pages missing?? sheesh. I know the book place did not realize that was the case as I did not realize it until I had read up to those pages. which is probably one of the reasons why pages start falling out of a book. . . . still the up side is I won’t be putting that book back into resale circulation and I have resource for future clips. . . .

    way cool fun on “The Tools”. more please. and fun on. aloha. rick

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