What does a giant dream about? I realize I know nothing, I asked all the wrong questions. What does it matter what they eat, what their houses look like. What does it matter, their grammar, their rules, their manner of trapping their prey. The question is, what appears to them when they close their eyes?

marked down
for picking
the wrong flower

She’s found an abandoned barn with a thriving population of small animals—bats in the loft, raccoons under the floorboards, swallows on the rafters, mice everywhere. None of them are frightened of her, because she’s too large to be alive. She’s a feature of the landscape, as far as they’re concerned. She’s an architectural structure. She’s a warm breeze, a hayloft that generates heat at its center, white noise. They clamber over her matter-of-factly, strategically position themselves for sleep on top of her. They have idle conversations about her, in their chittering, gossipy way.

scent of hay the end of the simulation

She sleeps fitfully. She’s not sure if she dreams. If she wakes up in terror, is it because she had a nightmare or because her life is terrifying?

or not here
I come


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