The Pegasus did not fly at night because he was nocturnal or because he had any particular interest in the night sky, or in bats, or in creepy people creeping around doing creepy things. In fact he would have vastly preferred to do his flying in the daytime when he could have actually seen something. Had a view. He looked longingly at the pictures taken from airplanes, those magical panoramas. Well, if you’re a Pegasus who doesn’t want to completely renounce the company of other horse-like beings, and also doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in the circus, you wisely stay out of the sky during the day. Sigh.

kite breeze—
to another life

He found it difficult to believe that he was the only Pegasus. He dreamed of a far-away country where there were entire herds of Pegasuses, where no one thought twice about it when they saw a winged horse soaring overhead in broad daylight. He had no reason to believe that such a place existed, but he kept an eye and an ear out.

no plot
but compelling characters

Swooping one night over the dark countryside, with half a moon winking at him, he whinnied inadvertently when he saw the bulk of a giant person moving across the ground. He didn’t think he was imagining it: This person was easily twice as tall as most people. People this tall did not, in the Pegasus’s experience, exist. He watched the giant person walk gingerly around the perimeter of a farm field, looking anxiously about it, left and right, backward and forward. He knew the feeling: Was anyone looking? Would this be the end of everything?

still lost in the corn maze Big Dipper

The implications did not escape him. If one thing he had thought was impossible to exist did, in fact, exist, then maybe other impossible things — such as a country filled with herds of Pegasuses — existed as well. His heart swelled and he rose to catch a thermal, gliding triumphantly across the path of the moon, making himself uncharacteristically visible. He was never quite sure whether the giant person had also caught sight of him and marveled as he had marveled at it. But he was quite sure that neither of them would ever tell on each other.

light rain
he chooses
the broken umbrella


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