Scala Naturae

She wanted to know more about the world so I tried to show her on my computer. Skyscrapers, jungles, whales, suicide bombers, symphony orchestras, polar bears, satellites, the Beatles…

advertising jingles

I could tell it wasn’t making sense so I went back to the beginning. The dust, the gases, the gathering oceans. Life: a mystery. Some time later, complicated apes wandering out of Africa and getting organized. Talking, building, planting, writing. How little I knew. How little anyone. How.

between Plato and Pluto dark matter

The story would always be unfinished. Her eyes would always be enormous and confused. She’d probably never see any of these things and if she did it would be because something had gone very wrong.

the ringmaster points his whip at a cloud

It grew dark. I grew silent. She bent over to see me better, as if I were a child. Her mouth opened and showed all her teeth. She asked, “Is that all?”

swinging from tree to tree absolute zero


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