The stars had told her that to get home she must go in a particular direction, but the stars did not instruct her as to how she could avoid detection on her journey. She kept bumping up against the big road and having to duck into woods or down into ditches when the rushing cars and trucks went by. Sometimes the cars and trucks slowed down when they went by her, as if they had seen her or at least some part of her, but they always sped up again and kept going. No one ever stopped on that road.

just this one giant wheel we’re all riding

The frustrating thing was that she could see the mountain off on the horizon and it didn’t even look that far away, but she had gone so fast for so long in the truck that she knew it must be much farther than it looked. Mountains could be deceitful that way.

the higher we go the more we bleed

Then she stumbled onto a much smaller road, narrower and more twisting and with no cars or trucks on it at all as far as she could tell. It ran among fields, with an occasional house set so far back from the road that she didn’t think anyone could see her from it in the dark. And it went the right way. She looked up at the stars to check this again. As soon as she looked one of the stars fell, and then another, and then another. She knew that the kind of stars that fell were not the kind that anyone needed but still, still, she felt scared, and lost, and tired, and much too large, and she understood suddenly that the way home would not be as straight as it looked.

Polaris appearing in time for the opening act


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