Camera Obscura

Seeing the trucks go fast from outside the trucks had not prepared her for how fast trucks actually go. The truck was going very fast. Very, very amazingly, unthinkably fast. She discovered quickly that being inside an object traveling very fast made her feel sick so she tried to sit very still on top of one of the boxes in the truck and imagine that she was sitting on a stationary rock on the mountain but imagination is not a good weapon against feeling like you’re going to vomit. She began to quietly sing a calming song that her mother used to sing to her, which also did not make her feel less sick but did make her feel more calm about it.

in the next cell another bird for my life list

The truck kept on going fast for a very long time and she regretted having decided to get into it and wondered why she had wanted to go so far away from the mountain so quickly. She wanted to get out and see the sky so she would know where she was and how to get home, which she had suddenly decided was the only place she wanted to be. Finally the truck started to go slower, and slower, and slower, and then it stopped completely and she heard a door slam and footsteps moving away.

every spring the seismograph records your absence

She pushed open the big doors of the truck a tiny bit and looked outside. The truck seemed to be stopped in a big empty quiet place with black ground everywhere like the road. Without using her brain very much, because another thing she had decided was that using her brain too much got her into trouble, she jumped out of the truck and closed the doors behind her and looked around quickly for a place to hide. And there was a forest right there, dark and quiet. She was already feeling less sick. She went into the forest and went up to a tree and hugged it. If you can’t be at home a tree is the next best thing.

all day chewing on the same blade of grass


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