Back and forth

Oh hi. Thanks for putting up with me for the entire month of November while I wrote a story backwards. What was that all about? If you’d like to investigate you can click on November 2015 in the column to the right and read the story forwards, which is not the way I wrote it but is actually the way I intended it to be read. For quite a while I’ve been thinking that since blog posts appear in reverse chronological order, then obviously to make a story appear in chronological order on your blog, you must write it backwards. Well. Sometimes I get these ideas and run with them. Sometimes they run with me.

In case you were thinking of asking, writing a story backwards is confusing, disorienting, challenging, and freeing. I recommend it to people with writer’s block. One thing you shouldn’t ask me is what the giant is supposed to be about. She’s a giant. Isn’t that enough for someone to be about?

I’ll be moving on to another writing project now. Probably writing forwards this time. For a change.

6 thoughts on “Back and forth

  1. I enjoyed your backwards story enormously. Lately, I find myself looking for the fading mysteries that haunt the edges of my life. The world changes and there is loss with the gain. We lose our giants. I keep looking for new things that give me that feeling of awe and intrigue. Thanks for the story.

  2. Now that I know we were reading it backward, it makes me think of scrolling through someone’s Twitter timeline. You are always seeing the “story” in the “wrong” order but somehow it still works and makes sense. In fact, it’s beautifully wonderful. Something refreshing for your brain.

    This story was beautifully wonderful. I didn’t want it to end! Thanks for writing it.

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