now we are six.

Happy May Day! I almost forgot it was my six-year blogiversary. But when I remembered I knew I had to post so as not to break my winning streak of having posted every May 1 since 2010, and also just to say I’m Still Here. I’m even writing poetry occasionally and it’s even being published occasionally, as in this awesome issue of moongarlic that just came out.

Still I have to say that I’m more and more being drawn to work in prose, which requires me to turn my brain less inside-out to write it. I think my brain got weary of being turned inside-out. I think maybe I need to give it a break from that for a while. I’ll let you know how it works out. I hope everything is working out for you.


3 thoughts on “now we are six.

  1. love your poems in moon garlic–cheers!! your “inside-out” material is always super!! but your prose rocks, too, so your writing return is a joy!

  2. Workin’ out ok. Writing too. Always good to hear how you’re doing. Thanks for letting us know. Your blog’s great. Suppose I’ve said this before.

    may day a skip in my step

  3. yeah, write where your fun, heart and desire are. prose. poetry. both or other. you are worth it in any genre. happy blog candle cake day on you.

    butter and jam. okay, I’ve given up (mostly) both. I will not however give up fun or turning my brain every which way including out, loose and gone, based on a category I did not create. even if I like the category.

    ehh. my version of prose sucks. might as well “embrace the suck and move on” (a recent movie quote I like). no I can’t remember the name of the movie at the moment. which is a state of my mind syndrome. it’s Tina Faye’s tribute to her father, if that helps.

    “never mind” —Guilda Radner on Laugh-in.

    “write on”. probably somebody else said that too.

    “and so it goes” yeah. oh crap, there goes another name. you know that Slaughter House Five God Bless You Mr. Rosewater guy. . . .

    still. be well. walk in beauty. and have fun—cause it’s a celebration day. aloha rick

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