NaHaiWriMo, Week 3

15    bicycle light never stopping to let me catch up
16    multiplication tables all the things I can’t forget
17    peace pipe blowing bubbles beside the sea
18    expired passport all the nebulae I kept meaning to visit
19    protest march spring comes anyway
20    microwave platter my food comes from a dying star
21    resisting arrest unidentified weeds in the garden


Week One is here. Week Two is here.

Am I getting any better? … Never mind, I don’t want to know.

June 7: 3-6 (Scottish Play sequence)

child memorizing
bird calls repeat

in the living room
Macbeth vacillates
microwave beeps

neighborhood lawnmowers
our favorite lines
in unison

if the assassination
could trammel up the —
cats yawn


The teenager is taking on the persona of a Scottish king this summer. The house is full of bloody and inimitable words.