(not quite)

In bed with me: five pillows, six books, three notebooks, two pens, a laptop computer, a cell phone, a complication of wires, a spare sweatshirt, a bag of grapes, an empty cereal bowl, two cloth napkins, my purse, a heating pad, a pile of forms to fill out to placate the insurance company and my employer and the home health provider, one of those claw tools to pick up things you can’t reach, a cat (sometimes two), worry, confusion, longing. 

No, there’s not quite enough room for me.


prose: here, now
haiku/pwoermd: Frogpond 35.1

NaPwoWriMo 2015



It’s April, which means it’s National Poetry Month, which means it’s National Pwoermd Writing Month. Thanks to Geof Huth (https://twitter.com/geofhuth) for creating this festival and inviting us all to join it. Some years I’ve written a pwoermd every day in April but my participation will probably be sporadic this year. I’ve gotten too wordy and prosaic to get properly into the spirit of things. Still, I feel that pwoermds deserve all the encouragement they can get. So here’s my contribution for April Fool’s Day. Poor liberty, poor despised thing.