black telephone


a flock of
black telephones
on the lake
in the morning


winter dusk
out of a tree
glazed with crows
falls a black telephone


his fluttering heart
the black telephone



black telephone,
the latest casualties


parallel lines finally meet the black telephone



the year's first dream / the illusion bursts / into flames

Once upon a time people did not extinguish night¬†before it had even begun. Once upon a time there was darkness and there was light; a full day. Once upon a time the phase of the moon decided whether you could see or be seen, whether you could venture forth or whether you should stay at home. Once upon a time lighting a candle was the only alternative to cursing the darkness. Once upon a time there were so many stars that no one could believe they didn’t mean something. Once upon a time night fell, like a tree, like a curtain, like a guillotine. Once upon a time the night swirled with stories because no one has any trouble hearing in the dark. Once upon a time stories were knit into our dreams, once upon a time¬†our dreams were knit back into our stories.

the year’s first dream
the illusion bursts
into flames